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  • Raypak X-Therm Boilers

    Remarkably small footprint saves space for those cramped retrofit projects. Built to last, with industrial grade construction and user friendly serviceability. Extreme burner turndown produces up to 99% efficiency at low fire when it's most needed. Meets even 2012 LoNOx standards. Now is the time to take a closer look at Raypak's XTherm.

    The all new XTherm - vertical modulating condensing boiler in sizes to 2000 MBTU. The installer and building owner enjoy broad installation flexibility, easy commissioning, optimum seasonal efficiency, and long term reliability.

    Which X-Therm Boiler is right for my job?

    Check out our X-Therm Selection Guide.

  • Models 1005-2005

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    1005-2005 Types H, WH & WHP
    Installation & Operating Instructions

    1005-2005 - Type H, User's Manual

    1005-2005 - Type H, Tech Sheet

    1005-2005 - Type WH, Tech Sheet

    1005-2005 - Type WHP, Tech Sheet


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